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Key Features & Benefits :

bullet Deep inspection Technology, using Stateful Signature Inspection for protection
bullet Industry leading product range, from Small Office to Carrier Class systems
bullet Encompassing, Firewall, VPN, IDS and QoS.
bullet Provide, SSL, Anti-Virus and IDP functionality and with performance.
Netscreen Ip products
Netscreen has redefined the security market by delivering innovative and scalable network security solutions that empower enterprises and carriers to secure their networks without compromising on performance, security, availability, or cost.

NetScreen 5XT/GT

Designed for the small office/home office environment the 5XT and 5GT feature an amazing array of features and functionality along with blistering performance (up to 75mbps firewall and 20mbps 3DES VPN throughput) made possible by the ASIC technology. Including AES and 3DES VPN technology for site-site or dialup VPNs, Policy based access and now with the release of ScreenOS 5 inline AntiVirus and Intrusion Detection have been added to the feature list.

NetScreen 25

Aimed at the Small to Medium enterprise the Netscreen 25 offers a similar rich feature set to that of the 5XT/GT along with increased port density, VLAN functionality and higher throughput (100mbps firewall and 20mbps VPN). 3 x 10/100 Ethernet ports are used to the Trusted, Untrusted and DMZ networks along with a fourth for the High Availability (HA-Lite) featured in the 25.

NetScreen 50

The Netscreen 50 offers the same port density as the Netscreen 25 but with enhanced Throughput of 170mbps firewall and 50mbps VPN. In addition full High Availability functionality provides the option to link the 50 to another identical device to provide a fully fault tolerant solution with configuration and session backup to the second device any failure of one of the HA pair will go unnoticed by the user base as sessions are seamlessly transferred to the second appliance.

NetScreen 204/208

The 200 series (encompassing the 204 and 208) are the Netscreen starting point for larger enterprises. Featuring the rich functionality of the Netscreen 50 (High Availability, Deep Inspection, VPN etc) along with truly astounding performance. The 204 has the same port density as the Netscreen 50 with 3 x 10/100 ports plus one for HA functionality and the 208 has 7 x 10/100 ports plus the 8th for HA. With throughputs of up to 550mpbs firewall and 200mbps 3DES VPN, 128,000 concurrent session and 1000 simultaneous VPN tunnels.

NetScreen 500

A true enterprise class solution the Netscreen 500 not only has the advanced security and features seen in the rest of the Netscreen product range but also features modular expansion slots and gigabit throughput. In addition to the 700mbps firewall and 250mbps 3DES VPN throughput the Netscreen 500 features the option to use up to 25 "Virtual Systems" and innovative way to segment a network into separate, secure environments each accessible by their own administrator.

NetScreen 5200

The 5000 series are state of the art purpose built security solutions, the modular design allows for a huge array of different port type and density configurations. With stunning performance of up 12gbps Firewall and 6gbs 3DES VPN and the capacity for 500 virtual systems the 5000 series are world beaters.

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